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By far Carpet is one of the most popular sorts of floor coverings. Unlike other floor coverings carpet is invited, warm and no other affords as many alternatives in textures, styles, and hues to meet any fashion or budget as Carpet flooring.

There have been many advances in Carpet styling and Performance in recent years. Today’s carpet producers are using technology to combine texture, color and varying patterns to create exciting new looks. You will also see softer fibers, better stain resistance and advanced construction methods that deliver fantastic sense underneath your feet whilst being extraordinarily durable.

Carpet installed in your home or business should be capable to stand up to normal wear and tear of common traffic. Important aspects to consider encompass the frequency of your present day carpet replacements and if pets included stain resistance is key. Select a grade of carpet that exceeds lifestyle expectancy. 

Bob's Carpet And Flooring can help you find and install the perfect flooring solution for your home. Our customers' satisfaction is our primary concern. 
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Here are some of the most popular carpet types:

Berber Carpet has a low profile, thick loops of yarn flakes of color. and a hearty feel. Most loved Berber due to its casual style, comfort and durability.
Frieze Carpet is distinguishable by its twisted fibers and look. Its texture aids in concealing dirt. Frieze Carpet can be uniform in color and can also contain flakes of color. 

Plush Carpet is one of the most famous Carpet patterns due to the fact of its long-established look. It has a smoother, level uniform texture that can show refined tones of shade and highlights. 

Patterned Carpet is made from a aggregate of trimmed and looped fibers to create linear, squared, dotted, and even patterned designs. The amazing patterns compliment impartial furnishings and décor in ways that traditional looks cannot, giving it a custom design feel.

Indoor / Outdoor Carpet is designed for interior rooms or exterior areas such as patios, porches, and sunrooms. Indoor / Outdoor Carpet is exceptional in its durability withstanding fluctuating temperatures and additionally stand up to moisture.

Commercial carpet falls into one of two groups: it’s both broadloom, wall-to-wall carpet, or it’s made up of patterned carpet tiles. Perfect for settings with daily foot traffic. Commercial grade carpet is designed with an emphasis on durability and convenient maintenance.